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Auckland City NZ 1143
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Wellington NZ
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Email: info@collexa.com.au

About Us

The team at Collexa are committed to providing high standard service to both our clients and our customers. We are skilled at tailoring financial recovery solutions to suit the situations our customers are experiencing . Our team have extensive debt and investigations experience , and extensive training in communication and negotiating skills.

With our people, experience and processes we can assist your business to recover bad debt, implement processes to have accounts paid prior to collection activity, locate skipped debtors, and follow through with field or investigation services if required.

We provide a great work environment which enables our team to perform at their best. We deliver our clients great results, by profiling the circumstances, constant reporting and exceeding expectations to suit the business needs.

Our Core Value

At Collexa, our knowledge and experience in recoveries and investigations sets us apart. We can help you understand and resolve the complexities that impact you and your business. We join with clients and customers to provide an intellectual strategy for a successful and commercial resolution whilst maintaining and adhering to compliance and regulations set by governing agencies.